Friday, December 2, 2011

december days are here again.

if you know me, you know this is my favorite time of year. i like spring and summer but

from september 21 through december 21 you can find me floating. my feet tend to sink back down to the ground after christmas and certainly after new years, but for four glorious months I am flying high.

while I’ve been slow recording my fantastic fall excursions including apple picking in 80 degrees, a trip to upstate with the usual suspects, pumpkin carving and one delicious thanksgiving…i can honestly say it’s because I’ve been unable to catch my breath, much less type out some details, due to the high speed at which life has been passing.

here’s a quick run-down of some highlights:

  • 2 grand weeks of hiking, dolphins, turtles, volcanoes and general pure paradise in hawaii
  • 3 years, 2 summer internships and 6 rounds of final exams later, e graduated from harvard law, magna cum laude, might I add
  • we swapped gifts and memories on our 2nd anniversary then flew down to NC the next morning to spend a week on the very beach where we tied the knot
  • we witnessed 6 friends commit to a lifetime of wedded bliss, and celebrated with 2 that agreed to head down that path as well.
  • we lounged away fridays + saturdays at the cape, north shore or someone’s backyard
  • we welcomed irene with one helluva hurricane party
  • and i…i prepared for my fourth new england fall

oh mah gawd it’s been a ride. and that’s just a few months. there’s more to come by way of tree-trimming parties, another wedding celebration and of course, a few birthdays! so dare I say, in hopes that it’s a form of a promise that will keep me writing, i’ll keep you posted.



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