Wednesday, May 30, 2012

three's a charm.

three years ago today i married the love of my life. these have been some of the fastest years of my life and hands-down hold some of the most fun moments.

i have two bits of advice i like to give my friends who are about to get married:
1) enjoy the day of your wedding from beginning to end in all its glory. that day will move so quickly, you'll be hammering your brain trying to remember the BIG things - not to mention the little. use the day to reflect on where you've come - as an individual and as a couple - and be sure to take time out for each other that night at the party. it's so easy to get caught up in reception details, or wonder if every one's having a fun time, or want to kill the bridesmaid didn't follow shoe requirements. but really, truly, none of this stuff matters. i'm here to tell you on the other side, it doesn't.

2) when the party is over, the guests have all left, the dress is packed up and all is said and done, the REAL fun begins. i thank my mom for this little tid-bit. i was determined to wallow in my post-wedding blues, wondering what to plan next and making dramatic comments about how there was nothing to do but have kids, retire and die. but it's soooooooooooo not true. every day of marriage never ceases to surprise me and i enjoy the challenges as much as the easy parts.

sometimes i look at e and i can't believe how much he's grown and who he's become - for me, for us and for himself. i look at myself the same way and i'm proud of this thing we've built. i know there's so much more goodness to come and sometimes i have to remind myself to slow down, smell the roses and enjoy the present, because i get so full thinking about where we're off to next - just the two of us and our dreams.

i'm thankful everyday for my sister who introduced us and saw the good in what we could be before either of us did. i'll never be able to repay her. and i'm so grateful for the patience that e's given me over the years and his endless love. he turned my head and my heart around and he made me realize that i could have this wonderful thing called love and more than that, that i wanted it. he saved me and for that, i'll never be able to repay him. and this is good debt to have.

i love you e. happy anniversary!