Thursday, February 17, 2011

wading through winter

and when your strife strikes at your sleep,
remember spring swaps snow for leaves.
-mumford + sons

february may be the shortest month, but it sure does take forever to get through. waiting for march 1 right now feels like i'm six years old all over again waiting for santa clause to come.

this warmer weekend we've been promised is much needed. as the piles of snow begin to melt, the sidewalks + streets flood with water and my selection of suitable shoes is limited even more.

this being my third year up here, i'm well aware that the turn into spring is much further away than march 1. but a gal can dream for sure.

Monday, February 14, 2011

warm love.

valentine's day has always been a favorite of mine. i love pink. i love red. i love hearts. and, i'm a huge fan of love. love for anything really: the husby, the friends, mac+cheese, designer shoes, the cat - WHATever.

some people may argue that i use "love" too much, as i'm always loving one thing or another - OK, maybe it does go a little overboard when i go on + on about the little old man who lives next door... but i personally think that we don't use love enough.

a few days before this one, you can normally find me preparing some home-made valentine's for all my peeps. i glitter them up nice + pretty with some sweet messages + send them on down the coast or across the country to be opened - fingers crossed i'll make it on a fridge. but this year, i failed. between work, traveling and just getting caught up in my daily life in general, i didn't make those lovie dovie hellos. and i feel worse for it. i know that those things bring a smile to those who receive them. and the thoughts of those smiles make me all warm + fuzzy inside. and isn't that the best feeling of all? isn't that what this love thing's all about?

e + i have a rather nice, simple valentine's tradition. we exchange cards + make the same dinner. every year. when we first started, it was early in our relationship + i didn't want to make a big fuss about it all. plus, it was important to me to have not just this day stand out + be filled with love, but all the days in between. he couldn't have agreed more which is what has helped make us so fantastic these many years later.

whatever you do today, i hope you see some love. the warm, fuzzy kind. send it on out there too, cause it will always - in some way, shape or form - come back to you.

and for my ladies who normally get one of those sparkly beauts: this one's for you:
happy valentine's day!