Tuesday, February 16, 2010

her colors are pink + pink.

everything about this photo screams kbf. right down to the little kitty statue resting on the books on the right.

thanks to julie from SHELTER for posting this pretty pink picture. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

there's a place in this world...

where people like me are found by people like you.
you're the best damn friend that i've ever had you always smile upon me when the season's bad you always make me feel best even when i'm blue you always smile upon me + i smile upon you too.
-passion pit

thankful for all my loves! happy valentine's day!

my personal playlist.

i spent the better part of my fall and early winter following passion pit back + forth between nyc + boston listening to their music that i'd heard a dozen times, dancing, singing, trying to get the attention of the lead singer so he'd fall in love with me...you know, normal groupie things. i mean, how can you not become infatuated with someone who writes, "like the sun + the moon i will circle you till you bloom..."

by the sixth time i saw them, i still hadn't had enough. the youngin's know how to make music and it has soothed my craving for amazing, emotional lyrics as well as my need to dance, for close to two years now. now, i'm a love-all-music type of gal, but you wouldn't believe that if you stole my iPod at the moment. it's filled with tons of indie-dance-rock, much of which e has discovered, and it has me taking walks in this cold when it's not even necessary.

currently loving:
the xx
julian casablancas
local natives
new vampire weekend

still loving old-faves:
cut copy/phoenix/passion pit/mgmt/bloc party/hot chip