Wednesday, July 25, 2012

no shoes, no shirt, no problem.

a couple of months ago e and i were able to convince our boston besties that a trip to the nc coast was long overdue. so we made plans to rectify that and a couple of weeks ago, despite rumors of record-breaking temps down south, the six of us packed our bags and took to the airways, then the highways, towards our final destination.

one costco stop, one liquor store stop, a bbq break and a grocery run later, we arrived packed to the gills in our tricked-out mini van. what followed was nearly a week of card games, family dinners, booze cruises, night swimming, sing-a-longs, morning, afternoon and evening cocktails, beach bocce, wave riding and general bliss that is often found outside of one's regular routine. we took in north carolina and all its barefoot, coozie-using, southern-accented, shirtless glory.

needless to say, as most weekends with this group are, it was yet another for the books. it didn't take me long to get emotional - about the time we'd just had and the kind of friend's we'd become. i sat starring at the ocean on the last day with a + k overcome with the fact that i'd finally introduced a huge part of my past to my present. in that moment i felt this indescribable split: in my heart i missed nc - it had raised me, taught me how to speak to strangers on the street, fed me vinegary bbq, fried okra and sweet tea. it was where e and i met and married, and is the place that i still run to when i need a break from the real world. but in my head i recognized a loyalty and love to the new home i've come to know in ma. where i learned how to grow on my own and with e, was introduced to winter, the red sox and this amazing group of people. it's the place that took me in even when i was alone, and where e and i plan to stay for the foreseeable future.

this thought was as refreshing as it was saddening. but with a + k both both at my side for comfort, i knew there was no need to focus on a rhyme or reason for my feelings. it was the perfect moment to remind me exactly where i was, despite where i had been or where i was going.