Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a different view

it is only appropriate (well, maybe it's not, but let's just say it is) that because of the new beginning in my life, i am going to give one to my blog as well.

i have to give credit where credit is due, to my colleague and friend ayana, who's brilliant idea it was to name the blog as such. so...yaaaaay ayana! thank you.

maybe i can begin to share some tid-bits about boston shopping, eating, drinking, dancing and even the weather. all of this, from my humble, southern perspective.

*the link is to george public relations, my sister's business. new beginning is one of our favorite sayings. it's always relevant. check out her page (also linked in good company on the right), her blog, her talent.

Monday, August 25, 2008

the scent of a woman

eric and i went around this weekend exploring parts of our neighborhood. we had a great time going in and out of some shops, grabbing some beers and genuinely enjoying the nice day and people on the street.

we passed by this beauty store - i was thinking: "grrreat! a luxe right around the corner!" i mainly stopped because i saw they had creed perfume and thought they may have bond no. 9. but no. they didn't. just creed. so i smelled 'love in white.' the scent alli sometimes wears.

i got a little nostalgic as it took me back to christmas 2005. alli had just gotten the scent and wore it often. mostly while she oh-so-nicely shared her bond scent with me until i found my own. it reminded me of getting ready for my first dates with eric at her house, or getting ready to go out and meet a group of people in raleigh, way back, before i even finished school. it got a little dusty in that shop...then i got mad. and realized that alli and the scent took me back to all these memories, which ultimately landed me where i am now. away. :)

kidding. bottom line, the store is not a luxe.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

oh my sweet carolina

boston has been great. eric and i went to a sox game, a great dinner in chinatown and we're doing a bit more exploring in cambridge tonight. our place is coming together nicely and the days have been quite beautiful lately.

but, as i sit here at work, james taylor's "carolina in my mind" plays over my yahoo IM. and i can't help but tear up. missing that place and those people. the song, always loved it, has a whole new meaning now as i'm miles away.

actually a funny fact - this song was eric's and my first dance. he'll deny it, but it's true. at napper tandy's (don't judge) that night we first kissed. we closed the bar down slow dancing in the middle of an empty dance floor. we both ended up singing - kind of loud actually because we were dancing near the speakers... and i NEVER sing until like, a year plus into a relationship. that will give you an idea about the number of drinks i had probably consumed. but yep, carolina in my mind. and in my heart.

i'll start carrying around my camera to document more things. a picture at the chinatown arch last night and the rmv getting my mass license this morning would've been perfect to add for your viewing.

i'm still getting used to my new home and adjusting to the idea that this vacation is indeed three years or longer. in time. until then (and always, actually), "love is the finest thing around."

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

breaking new ground

thanks to my beautiful, oh-so-kind friend miss susannah cox, livin' it up in the atl, i found a quite interesting link on her blog. she pointed me to the Dewey Color System which had me interested in finding out what, "was so fab about myself." because i did not indulge and pay a few dollar bills to find out more, i came away with this tid-bit of info:

you're a pioneer
You think about why people do what they do. By understanding the motivation of others, you seek to create a better world. Changing the world around you through personal achievements is your everyday challenge.

i'll take it! i'm liking some change and i'm lovin' some challenge.

it made me think about what motivates me personally. sometimes it's the weather (hel-lo swimsuit season), sometimes it's to impress myself (i can do a headstand in yoga/300 squats in the middle of my hour-long cardio kickboxing class/run a 5k in 30-something minutes...not all at once mind you, or on the same day. but that could be a cool goal...), or my beau (take that harvard).

but no matter what, i try not to let it be money, fear, hate. how about you?

Monday, August 11, 2008

my city by the bay

we. have. arrived!

after a short stint of 15 hours in the 16-foot moving truck (pictures to come soon), eric and i finally arrived at our new home in cambridge.

the week leading up to the move had left us both exhausted, ready to get to a final resting place, but unsure to admit that statement out loud, knowing that the day was approaching us all too quickly. we had family and friends that helped load up our truck (a special thank you to allison, george and the beale parents) and departed, hands waving in the southern summer air, with a tear-full goodbye.

leaving raleigh was hard - the two homes i had there. as i helped eric clean his place i thought of the two and 1/2 years he and i spent in that little two-bedroom. all the dinners, laughing, secrets, emotions, fears, excitement, we shared. i remember when he first took me to that empty place and told me it was his new apartment. as i finished cleaning each room, i closed the door. standing in his small hallway, i looked at the four doors closed in front of me and prayed for the faith to know, and trust, that the one door behind me, leading out of that apartment on o'berry, into the truck and up north, was going to open up a plethora of new doors. i cried before we pulled away from that place. eric put it best when he said that was the place that over all our talks, dinners, movie nights and champagne sundays, we fell in love.

my apt with my sister was even harder. mostly because she was still there. i had a restless sleep, my tossing and turning seemed to echo through the empty walls from my side of the house. it wasn't about leaving that apt. it was about leaving alli. knowing that things like our love for bogo, cats, rainy days, baths and each other would stay the same while life, indefinitly, would continue to change. but allison, she is my heart. therefore, she is always with me, in me. she is fabulous and will be fine - me on the other hand....

i'm learning to actually use public transportation - not just be an advocate for it and i'm trying to navigate my way around a city and society that i'm unfamiliar with, all while settling in with a neurotic cat and a male human being (hehe). but...all things in time. and these feelings of loneliness, uncertainty, sadness, these too will surely pass.

more to come with pictures of the place!