Monday, August 6, 2012

ladies and gents.

on saturday six of us boarded the train, nips (that's northern for mini bottles) in tow, sandwiches pre-made and cocktail treats pre-mixed, and headed on up to portland, ME for the Gentlemen of the Road festival. the day promised good music by a variety of bands, local food favorites and plenty-o-beer. but when we arrived, we were treated to a complete game changer that took our day to an e-lev-en: backstage passes a-la family member spencer lamb (thanks, spence!)

a day of music that was already going to highlight our summer quickly turned into a dream come true as we downed beers, played ping pong and threw cornhole alongside members of the bands. i was already starstruck hanging with mumford & sons, but as soon as they hopped on stage, i pretty much lost it. i'm a huge fan of their music - specifically the lyrics which i just find so beautiful - and on top of that, they rocked it harder than anyone i've seen in a long time. to this southern gal, these fellas from the UK who played their hearts out to 15,000+ of their new england fans, were the epitome of gentlemen.
official passport into the festival

@sammytb playing around backstage w/a larger-than-life 'stache
mumford and all the other bands gathered on stage to finale w/ the weight by the band
me & @alysonkaroly hanging with the bands side stage
cambridge/somerville ladies representing