Thursday, August 27, 2009

my endless inspiration

nobody knows you the way you know you. but i think i do.

in one word: love.

*photo credit: lindsey marla photography

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

falling into place

coming off of a fantastic mini-vacay in nyc with my sister always makes adjusting to the real world a little harder than normal. not to mention that today's a little bit cooler (i know, i know, i AM up here near canada you say...) and i'm reminded that the dog days of summer are slowly ending. despite my love for the fleeting season, there's always a voice in my head and heart that's ready for fall. i've already transitioned my normally-nude mani into deep, dark berry and the september issues of my favorite mags are rolling in which have me craving some fall fashion. no matter how old i get, i always get that back-to-school feeling which keeps me young at heart.

some of my to-dos for the final quarter of 2009:
1. a visit from old friends
2. fashionSPARK in raleigh, nc with goods
3. passion pit/phoenix concert in central park
4. moving sister up to nyc
5. a killer halloween celebration (of course)
6. a yummy thanksgiving
7. reuniting with friends and family in december

of course that's not all, but it's a start. and it's a good reminder that good things are to come, right in time.

Friday, August 21, 2009

red hot

sometimes when i know nothing else, i know that a red pedi will look even better in the morning against my all-white bed. and even in the 95-degree weather (and that's just outside our apt...) that's making me sweat profusely, i feel chic.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

picking up where we left off.

i've been neglecting my blog - and the voices in my head that tell me to make sure to catalog certain events/things/people. so i need to shape up or ship out.

it's been a beautiful few weeks here in cambridge, and i've been selfishly soaking up the sun and time with my hubby before the craziness begins. with e back to work on law review assignments and prepping for OCI next week, i'm slowly reminded that our summer of love is turning into fall. but just like autumn leaves...

year two is underway and our home isn't so "new" anymore. i've said goodbye to wedding planning, a life-long last name, a friend and a few initial plans. but i've said hello to a whole lot more. and if i've learned anything by now, i've learned that plan b is sometimes the best. although this fall will give the last a run for its money as far as busy goes, i'm looking forward to it. if i meet as many new people as i did last year and have as much fun, then this gal will be just fine.