Monday, November 17, 2008

a family affair

my dad just started his own blog. now i just need to get him on facebook...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

it's beginning to look a lot like

yep, you guessed it, christmas. and so what?

don't tell eric but only a day after i shook my head is disapproval, eyes wide in amazement and agreeing with him that "you got to be kidding me, a radio station was playing christmas tunes already?!?," i secretly made a mental note of the station and sang along to my holiday faves on the way to the gym.

i started thinking about this secret of mine and why i felt at times that christmas after halloween just wasn't right, but give me a couple of days and it is. after all, october 1 rolls around and i'm ready for pumpkin everything - beer, doughnuts, bread. the morning after halloween (after i contemplate next year's costume) i head to the stores for eggnog and brandy. and after thanksgiving dinner, i want a tree up, then and there. then i realized that i shouldn't feel guilty about those things. or imagining what boston will look like covered in snow with lights sprinkled throughout the common. it's the decorations in cvs, the gift packages pre-wrapped in stores that you can grab for an easy buy and the commercials that remind you "ONLY XX DAYS LEFT" that i mind. it's the whole consumer aspect of it.

i love the way the holidays make me feel.

i love the lights, the fires, smell of cookies, a tree, the eggnog and especially...i especially love the music. a close second to that though is the way that people shuffle around, whether they realize it or not, with a half-smile on their face. there's something about the season. i just can't get enough of it. and what's wrong with that? the music, the spirit, the love, just don't last as long as they should. if everyday should be christmas (or so we say on dec. 25), and if it's for all the right reasons, then shouldn't nat king cole be mixed in with a little madonna - even if it is july?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

a room of one's own

city living. i got yelled at twice today for no reason at all. thank GOD it wasn't one of those days. because i would've had to sit down on the curb and cry. first time (ok, this woman yelled at me with her eyes, but we all know it means the same thing and feels the same way...): i was crossing a side street, let me repeat, a SIDE STREET and someone turning left acted like my existence was about as inconvenient as a red-headed step child. the second time, i was looking at these awesome argyle tights in a store, about to drop $18 on them and the woman told me that "IF I HAD ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE TIGHTS TO ASK HER...WE DON'T TAKE THEM OUT OF THE PACKAGE." i looked around, surely she wasn't talking to me...the tights i was holding were still in the package. i chalked it up to her not taking her meds and dropped the tights and left.

to ensure the perfect end of any day:

1. bathtub (in my super-fun, checkered bathroom)
2. paddywax rosemary scented travel candle (so small, but fills the whole room - and then some, with the most relaxing fragrance)
3. rubber duckies (my peace duck to remind me that it's always there, just in reach, floating around happily and perhaps now, closer to us than it has been in awhile; luxe duck to remind me that in this time of recession, city expenses and job hunting, a girl can still shine and look chic)
4. bella's happily ever after bubble bath (because sometimes i need to be reminded that everything will be ok)
5. a kick-ass playlist made by my sig other playing softly in the background

gus will eventually come in and stare at his reflection in the water and my scalding hot water will begin to cool. but, for about 45 minutes i get to enjoy my favorite yelling.

my view:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election day

i could have been a bit more prepared at last night's party. wearing a button, a little red, white and blue, or even an old election hat. i'll be better suited next time.

but, regardless of attire, i was surrounded by some pretty amazing people, each one celebrating as our country elected the next president.

and now, looking at pictures in the times, and even the news & observer, i'm moved by the number of tears, open mouths, pairs of hands stretched to the sky, and people embracing each other as the country embraces change.