Tuesday, December 14, 2010

simply, having, a wonderful christmas time

it's true. i love christmas.

and what's not to love about it? strings of lights, bright + metallic-colored decorations, those all-to-familiar tunes on the radio, the hustle + bustle of stores...i could go on.
then there's that feeling. you know the one: excitement. not necessarily the same as when you were a kid - but i think it's better.

sure, it takes a bit longer for me to feel it (it normally kicks in when i arrive around my family in NC). and maybe it's about different things (i now prefer the breakfast before or the bourbon-laced eggnog after presents, over the actual opening of them). but there's an excitement there nonetheless.

i look for it in faces of strangers, my friends and to be honest, myself. i reach inside for the reminder that while i don't believe in santa claus, i do believe in christmas and all that it brings.

i believe there's no place like home (wherever that may be) for the holidays.
i believe that through the years we all will be together - if the fate's allowed.
i believe that we all need a little christmas, right this very minute.
i believe in the jingle bell rock.
i believe that christmas eve will find me - wherever i am.
and most of all, i believe it's the most wonderful time of the year.

so cheers to you + yours this season. enjoy this time with friends, family and, most importantly, yourself. listen to those tunes that never change from year to year. drive around to check out decorations in your neighborhood (you'll get quite a show in some places). go stand beside the christmas tree in the middle of town. maybe even make some cookies to leave for santa.

whatever you do, wherever you are, whoever you're with, just be sure to have yourself a merry little christmas.

merry christmas from the fletchers!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

tea for two (or more).

a few weeks ago i was greeted by my good friends with a nice surprise. a couple of side notes about surprises:
a). true TRUE ones come so few and far between (especially the older you get), and
2). i LOVE them (duh).

my friend charlie's mum had offered up her mother's b-e-a-utiful silver-plated tea/coffee set to little old moi. i squealed (quite loudly) with excitement as visions of girlie tea parties and hosting divine dinners with friends, quickly filled my head and i promptly assembled it all and displayed it in my teeny dining nook.

you see, i had access to a miniature tea set when i was a gal, but some pieces were missing by the time it was passed on to me (ahem, older sister...) and frankly, i was getting a bit too big for the single spot of tea (or water) the pot could hold. this new set was complete with two slender pots (i could hear myself asking: "regular or decaf?" "coffee or tea?"), a stout little creamer and a twin sugar bowl. each piece with four tiny "feet" on the bottom for slight elevation, all resting on an ornate silver tray with a handle on each side, to boot!

all this on top of the fact that i live + die by second-hand treasures, just made this sunday surprise so much sweeter. while i have visions of the previous life this beauty of hosting...accoutrements...had before me - including mid-day coffee, holiday dinners and maybe even a brunch here or there - i also have big plans for it in the future. above all, my heart warms knowing where it's been: in a family of friends that i have come to consider a form of family of my own. and isn't that just the cream to my coffee?

thanks janine!
*yours truly prepared to serve up some goodness at thanksgiving dinner!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the last first.

hello december - welcome! you came all to soon, but i welcome you with open arms - you're one of my faves.

i look forward to all you bring in the next few weeks: trips to nyc, holiday parties, birthday celebrations, champagne, eggnog, lights, carols...maybe even some snow. but most of all, i look forward to the trip down to NC for a family (and friend) reunion.
and while i'm not sure where the rest of this year went, i will squeeze all the best that i can out of you to cap it off and prepare for the next.

let the fun begin!