Monday, April 26, 2010

celebration station.

it's never easy to leave nyc. this time was equally hard after sharing a long weekend with girls that always warm my heart, to celebrate another that warms each of our souls. moments like these are an amazing reminder of what it's all about: friends catching up with laughter, tears, drinks, dancing + gossip.

each time i enter that city there's something in me that changes. and heading home, somewhere in between connecticut + boston, it changes back. maybe it's me, my sis, past memories, or maybe it's just nyc itself, plain + simple. whatever it may be, i hope i'll always feel that switch.

cheers to friends, recalling old memories, making new ones and a city that NEVER sleeps.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

full speed ahead.

a big congrats to all those that ran the boston marathon yesterday. a friend + i headed across the river to take in a close up from the sidelines. we had a view right around the last "bend" of the race.

once runners turned left in front of us onto bolyston st., they were in the home stretch straight for the finish line. and man was it exhilarating. the applause! the cow bells! the signs! hands in the air, smiles on faces, limps of pain but a determination to finish. and every.single.onlooker cheering at the top of their lungs.

it was one of THE coolest things i've seen + heard in quite awhile: strangers cheering on strangers. applauding them for their dedication, their will, their drive, their dream. pushing them the last few feet to the finish. now, i'm not the gal to put a 26.2 foot-race on my life list, but i'll never say i don't understand why some do. when you run that far, that hard, that long by yourself, for a crowd that large, on a course that demanding, there's not much in this world you can't do.

Friday, April 2, 2010

a spring fling.

on my run yesterday i was surprised with budding trees, little flower shoots from the ground + the warm sun shining on my face. welcome, spring - i love you!

i was remembering last year + how the season crept up on me while i was preoccupied with trips to nc, work + wedding planning, and i got excited knowing that i'd easily be able to track the season's stages this year.

two winters down, one to go - not that anyone's counting. but it's one of the things i'll miss most about new england: just when you think you can't stand the cold, the rain, the grey, spring shows up. and just like that, you forget all the nights in by the fire, all the layers you wore for months + all the words you made up to curse the freezing temps. i thought of how this paralleled with my life + was immediately thankful for the "springs" that i've experienced at all the right times.

looking forward to celebrating with egg dyeing, a picnic in the sun, catching up with friends and finally (after the seemingly-endless 40 days + 40 nights) SWEETS!

happy spring to YOU!