Friday, April 2, 2010

a spring fling.

on my run yesterday i was surprised with budding trees, little flower shoots from the ground + the warm sun shining on my face. welcome, spring - i love you!

i was remembering last year + how the season crept up on me while i was preoccupied with trips to nc, work + wedding planning, and i got excited knowing that i'd easily be able to track the season's stages this year.

two winters down, one to go - not that anyone's counting. but it's one of the things i'll miss most about new england: just when you think you can't stand the cold, the rain, the grey, spring shows up. and just like that, you forget all the nights in by the fire, all the layers you wore for months + all the words you made up to curse the freezing temps. i thought of how this paralleled with my life + was immediately thankful for the "springs" that i've experienced at all the right times.

looking forward to celebrating with egg dyeing, a picnic in the sun, catching up with friends and finally (after the seemingly-endless 40 days + 40 nights) SWEETS!

happy spring to YOU!

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