Thursday, May 30, 2013

lucky #4

today marks my and e's 4th anniversary, and i just can't believe how fast time has flown. it seems like so many huge things have happened over these 4 married years, (5 years since engagement/move to boston and almost 8 years together!) and i realize that it's true. 2 years ago e finished law school and last year he was sworn in. this year, in just 1 week we'll be leaving our home - all we've known up here and together - for a new place over in somerville. we're swapping some outdoor space for a bit more indoor room and we'll decrease our number of neighbors in the building from about 12 to just 1.

as we pack up 5 years of memories, i'm reminding myself to relish all we've saved, collected and been gifted. i try to push thoughts of how we'll never set foot in our first little apt once we leave on the 8th out of my head when they creep up late at night. i remind myself i've felt this before and i aim to focus on new beginnings on which we're embarking.

because we've been somewhat successful in our packing endeavors, this will be the first year we won't go through our wedding album and guest book, or watch our dvd. but that's just fine by us. we're ad-libbing by taking a detour from our traditions and spending a night out on the town in boston. knowing this won't be the last hiccup we encounter on our special day over the years, it makes me confident we'll be just fine when we do.

i look back on these past 4 years with pride knowing that they haven't been all rainbows and wedding cake but they've been SO much fun, surprising and definitely successful. they're only this sweet because i have my best friend and the love of my life who aims to make every day - not just this one - so special. i'm eternally grateful every single day for the partner that i found in e and most importantly for the the woman he's helped me become. but the biggest shout out goes to my sis, who was relentless in her determination to bring us together. ultimately, we're the product of her love. happy anniversary, e!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

angels among us

i saw this on facebook and since i don't really re-post things on that outlet but wanted to share, i decided to do it here.

i've been praying for a handful of personal things lately but a few weeks ago, when i got some news about my dad that had us all possibly facing the big "C" word again, i dropped all selfish requests and focused on him. after 3 anxious weeks we got good news today about his health and i've never felt more sure of something bigger and better above me than i do now.

i don't focus on religion - more just spirituality - and i rarely ask questions like, "why" or "how" when it comes to down to things being just plain wrong. but i reverted back to some old ways (as in, those of a child) these last few weeks and was downright whining about how unfair this situation was. by no means do i think my moodiness helped turnaround this outcome, as i was raised to know you don't get what you want by pouting. but i do believe my hopes and prayers weren't ignored.

so when i saw this today, there couldn't have been a bigger sign that my thinking about that something bigger and better being out there was not far from the truth.