Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the third + final

there's a part of me that wants to scream "how-oh-HOW is it september 1!" but most of me can believe the cold hard fact of this passing of time. the summer has gone all too quickly, but it was an amazing one for sure.

e + i are approaching our last summer retreat with friends for labor day weekend, and when i return to cambridge, i'll be expecting (and wanting) some fall-like temps and i'll begin looking out for the first sign of falling leaves. my favorite season is upon us + i couldn't be more excited for the change. e starts his third year of law school today. every year i do the same two things: take a picture of him departing to class; and reflect on what the last school year brought us while wondering what the coming one will hold.

i won't forget the sadness i had two years ago when we first arrived. the loneliness that just didn't seem to go away quickly. i'll never forget thinking, "these three years are going to be a long stretch."

now, i can't stop saying, "these three years just aren't enough."