Thursday, July 29, 2010

doubtless, we've been through this, so if you want to follow me you should know:
i was lost then and i am lost now, and i doubt i'll ever know which way to go.

- the broken bells, vaporize

beautiful, honest words. every time i hear/sing them, i think to myself: "big deal, still go with."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the road to home.

this summer, my ipod's been repeating this song.
the beat is happy + the lyrics are sweet. but there's just something about it that always makes me tear up.
maybe it's because i think of family, friends, NC, cambridge, my past + my future - all at once.
maybe it's because i remember the afternoon i first heard it (thanks to my friend*), when i had recently opened up my heart again to a home i had long left.
or maybe it's because i think of thomas wolfe's novel, you can't go home again, and i think to tragic.

"home, let me come home. home is wherever i'm with you. oh, home, yes i am home. home is when i'm alone with you."
- Edward Sharpe + the Magnetic Zeros

*Thanks Steven!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

yes, please.

i want this watering can SO bad. i asked e to get it for me for labor day. that's right, labor day.i pass it everyday on mass ave. and it teases me. i just KNOW that our (dying) houseplants will flourish when being watered with this beaut.

*the bright pink cart it's sitting on ain't to shabby either...

Monday, July 12, 2010

dear e,
when we grow up (although i hope that never happens) can we have a kitchen that looks like this + has a view like that?
so lived in, so loved in, so...perfect.
think about it,

Friday, July 2, 2010

time flies when you're having fun (in the sun)

how oh HOW is it july 4th weekend?

it feels a bit like a fall day here in cambridge, but the sun is shining, friends are in town + a weekend of celebration is about to be had. didn't july 4th technically mark the middle of summer back when we used to have a summer?

is it weird that i still sing patriotic songs in my mind when i watch fireworks? "ameeeeerica, ameeeeeerica god shed his grace on theeeeeee..."