Monday, March 29, 2010

rain, rain, go away...

listening to julian casablancas, cut copy + throwing in some vintage earth, wind + fire (on vinyl) on this rainy day.

and i was thinking...
julian, you say so much so well.
thanks for satisfying my lyrical cravings:

*your faith has got to be greater than your fear
working on that...everyday.

*forgive them, even if they are not sorry
is it really that easy?

*oh, I got music, coming out of my hands and feet and kisses...
it's true - i do!

*but don't you dare get to the top and not know what to do

*lyrics from 11th dimension

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i could be LOST

after spending one blissful, warm, relaxing + absolutely lazy week on an island in the sun i came to one conclusion:

if this gal were stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the caribbean, she'd be...just fine.

of course i'd need a few things: sunscreen, a hat, an iPod that never needed charging, a natural water source, a bottomless bottle of vodka, an endless supply of mint (to make my new fave which they called a "guaracha." very much like a mojito but swap the rum for vodka...delish.), the twilight series + of course, my husband. (what? too much?)

but really, i could do it. some people get bored, need a change of scenery, need new company. but me, i'm at home with my toes in the sand, my face in the sun, the ocean in my view + eric by my side.

5 things i missed while on vacation:
1. daily skype with sister
2. daily "coffee" with caroline
3. daily chats with the parents
4. 70-degree weather that apparently hit boston while we were gone
5. gus

5 things i miss since i've been back:
1. the view from my beach chair
2. everyday, uninterrupted, with e
3. abundance of (ripe) fresh fruit (papya! mango! kiwis!)
4. the warm temps + sunshine
5. cocktails around the clock!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

diving right in (part deux).

the wait is over. after months of lusting after multiple marysia swim suits, i finally purchased one. you may remember a previous post regarding Marysia + last year's line. she's since had an amazing year, debuting styles at urban outfitters + anthropologie, as well as having a few suits appear in sports illustrated.

she's about to show a new line in charleston + i wish i could be there because i know it will be just as fab. i can't wait to enjoy this suit (perfect for me especially because of the color!) all summer long!

*Marysia Swim knot bandeau bikini.

*look at the super-cute packaging it comes in!

thanks for creating such fun, beautiful pieces marysia!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

how sweet it is.

one of the many reasons i love cambridge so much is that i always find little treasures here + there just hanging out, right on the corner, waiting for me to scoop them up. i'm sure it's like this in most cities, "one man's trash..." sort of thing. but i feel i've been especially lucky as our apt is littered with these gems i often take in like stray cats + fix up.

after lunch with a good friend, i wandered by a table of used books + records in harvard square. in a matter of minutes i had picked up this puppy.
i'm enjoying listing to sweet baby james this afternoon. thinking of spring days + friends in carolina but all the while, certainly enjoying mine up here.