Monday, November 9, 2009

diving right in

just when i'm excited about turkey, cranberry sauce and picking out a christmas tree on black friday, i see this:

and this:
and this:

immediately i want spring break, summer days on the beach and trips to the caribbean. e and i met the creator of this charleston-based line, marysia swim, on our honeymoon. she and her hubby were there celebrating 5 years, and joined us on snorkel and off-roading expeditions in the BVIs. i was wowed by the swimsuits that she had for each occasion - simple, classic and sexy. now this new line is even better - it's her 2010 resort summer collection and it proves to be equal parts sexy and sweet.

so maybe november is the perfect time - with the holidays around the corner and all - to have these three suits on my wish list. the sexy string, the super cute high-waisted bottoms (that i'd mix with the ruffled string top in a pinch) and a sleek, classic one-piece. without thinking twice, i'd toss all the old-faithfuls i'd been keeping around for lack of better options.

we talked of meeting in 5 years on another island in the caribbean, and if we do, i want to be wearing one of these beauties.

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