Wednesday, November 25, 2009

give some (as in, thanks).

my sister rattled off her thanks this AM for raleigh's skirt! blog. she also shared a few things she'll miss this year, being away from home (as in where the heart is) and family, for the first time.

at george pr, we too shared our top 5 things we're thankful for. so it's only fitting that i wanted to write down some thoughts here - it is, after all, my favorite holiday. i could do a list - yes i could, but i am gracing you instead with a fantastically cheezy poem. :) be thankful.


i’m sitting down, on the day before, looking back at the year
and thinking of how fast time has gone by, and the season is finally here.

remembering thanksgivings from the past, shared with friends + family
i’m picturing faces and places and times that are all so important to me.

dishes + decorations at the house, smells of food and glasses of wine
hugs + kisses, laughter + smiles, and loving chatter warming this heart of mine.

i’m thankful for family, friends and food, but so much more than that.
i’m thankful for the world around me, my home (as in apt.), my hood, my cat.

i’m thankful for this holiday and each memory from the past
for the rest of the year, after this one meal, these thoughts, this love, will last.

it keeps me close no matter how far, i am from said family + friends
i’m mostly thankful that i have all these things to be thankful for as this day ends.

happy thanksgiving!

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