Friday, March 28, 2008

it's the freakin' weekend

so, bogo was good.

it's friday and i am READY for the weekend. i'm always ready for the weekend.

i'm heading to charlotte tomorrow to see my bff's while eric goes to the Carolina game. Should be fun - maybe i'll even have some pictures to post when i return. other than that, not much to say except for that today is a phenomenally beautiful day. one of those days you want to be on the beach, with a cooler of miller lites with a few coronas mixed in - you know, for flavor.

thought for the day/weekend: fall seven times, stand up eight.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


everyone loves one - don't lie.

for clarification: buy one, get one.

and tonight, we're talking pizzas. sister style.

no one's ever supposed to attened our bogo night. how much pizza is consumed should never be confirmed by outsiders. so imagine our suprise when eric showed up on our last bogo night. his eyes drifted to the box(es) and...allison's go-go gadget arm came around to slam the lids shut.

she still hasn't let me live that one down. BUT e's out of town tonight so...bogo here we come.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


it's finally starting to get nice outside. spring has sprung (almost. at least it's trying to).

i don't think i'll ever get used to spending days like today inside. all day.

i mean, good thing i can't see outside from my desk. see all that sunshine, blue sky, etc. who wants to see any of that? thank God i have this wall blocking my view...

reality tv?

i think i'm slightly addicted to infomercials. there's something about them that makes me stay on a channel a bit longer. i try to change them before eric comes into the room. i know he catches me sometimes, or hears them from the other room. but he's never said anything...

there's got to be times that he's thinking: why is my gf watching that man and his meat-roasting machine? actually, i don't watch that one. i'm more hooked on a specific few. i like the mineral make-up infomercials, the magic bullet blender and more recently, the ShamWow.

i think i'm fascinated by them because part of me asks: do people really buy this stuff because they think it does all that (whatever 'that' maybe). Another part of me thinks: wow, that person selling this stuff has absolutely NO shame (ShamWow guy being #1 example). And the final part of me wonders: wait, DOES that really work?

*i think it's important to note that i don't actually purchase products from infomercials.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

in the beginning

so...i figured i was probably one of the last people to create a blog. i used to write in a journal, on post-its, scrap pieces of paper, menus at restaurants - pretty much anywhere, and almost everyday. i'm sad to admit that i don't do it as much anymore. i mostly sit in front of a computer so, if the mountain won't come to me...

i'm a writer by nature. it's something i always did, something i always made time to do, and then chose to do it in college as well. i wrote both non-fiction and fiction in my classes, sharing the most intimate details of my childhood, adolescent and adult years with my peers, as well as imaginary short stories and poems. i wrote research papers that identified and disected symbolism in stories of authors including shakespeare, frost and emerson. i wrote business memos, proposals and presentations. then, in my internship, i wrote news articles. so...pretty much everything.

i am in my mid twenties. i find every day exciting - at least i try to make something in each day exciting. but the next few months hold an especially exciting time for me. my boyfriend (eric) is in the process of deciding which law school he wants to attend and we are discussing moving depending on his decision. i live with my best friend/sister (allison) and i've always lived in nc. so i thought i'd document the (potentially) crazy times to come.

a note for future posts: i'm a quote junkie. mostly music lyrics. i'm that girl that pays attention to the words. they mean something to me. i hang on each word, wondering why this word was chosen over that one. i take note of the tone used to sing each and from that, i try to understand the meaning. i believe there's meaning in each song, a story. you just have to find it. it might be as simple as the artist singing about their finger getting cut off, like in this Jens Lekman song eric and i really like. the sound is so beautiful, his voice, the instruments. but upon further listening to his lyrics, we discovered that the poor man cuts his finger while he is slicing an...avacado (pretty sure it's an avacado). still love it. still think it's beautiful. just took note of the lyrics.

anyways...point being, there's always a story there. so to my blog...write in time. it's actually a play on the title of this song allison passed along to me by lucinda williams, "right in time." it's basically a day in the life of, well, love. she's right in time with her lover and he's right in time with her. i love her voice. so strong but soothing. i couldn't sum up life better. everything comes right in time.

so basically, my blog will be a day in the life. it's mostly for me. but i like to share too. hopefully i can document my exciting moments of the day or week, and if you are reading, share them with you. if no one is reading, well, i have them for myself.

more to come,