Thursday, March 27, 2008


everyone loves one - don't lie.

for clarification: buy one, get one.

and tonight, we're talking pizzas. sister style.

no one's ever supposed to attened our bogo night. how much pizza is consumed should never be confirmed by outsiders. so imagine our suprise when eric showed up on our last bogo night. his eyes drifted to the box(es) and...allison's go-go gadget arm came around to slam the lids shut.

she still hasn't let me live that one down. BUT e's out of town tonight so...bogo here we come.

1 comment:

ab said...

Oh, BO-to-the-GO. How do I love thee? You failed to mention the "flatness" of the pizza. Or that we have a certain prep that involves drawstrings and shearling. F the night out when you've got a night in with BOGO.