Wednesday, March 26, 2008

reality tv?

i think i'm slightly addicted to infomercials. there's something about them that makes me stay on a channel a bit longer. i try to change them before eric comes into the room. i know he catches me sometimes, or hears them from the other room. but he's never said anything...

there's got to be times that he's thinking: why is my gf watching that man and his meat-roasting machine? actually, i don't watch that one. i'm more hooked on a specific few. i like the mineral make-up infomercials, the magic bullet blender and more recently, the ShamWow.

i think i'm fascinated by them because part of me asks: do people really buy this stuff because they think it does all that (whatever 'that' maybe). Another part of me thinks: wow, that person selling this stuff has absolutely NO shame (ShamWow guy being #1 example). And the final part of me wonders: wait, DOES that really work?

*i think it's important to note that i don't actually purchase products from infomercials.


Caroline said...

Boog, I watch them too and I don't know what it is either! I prefer (am obssesed with) cleaning products and kitchen appliances.

kellib. said...

glad to see i'm not alone.