Wednesday, September 30, 2009


look at this set-up in the cambridge common. i pass by it each time i walk to harvard square. it's a pretty large area where grass gives way to cobblestones and stone benches surround the statue in the middle. it's actually lit up year round which i think is fantastic because christmas lights make most everything better. when i first moved here i remember seeing some people playing croquet under those lit trees. last night was the first time i actually paused to take it in, instead of nodding as i walked by, so i had to capture it. you may not be able to see them, but leaves are already on the ground.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

greatest hits edition: friendship

i'm letting marvin gaye and tammi terrell inspire me this afternoon. as they spin around on vinyl, singing some of my faves (and arguably some of the best songs ever), i'm thinking of the people that are all i need to get by, those that i'll climb the highest mountains and cross the lowest valleys for. the ones that i build my whole world around because, there ain't nothing like the real thing.

and i'm thankful.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

a southern saturday

hello southern sun - the origin of my sunny outlook on life. a week is never long enough. i'm (wonderfully) wasting away a perfectly good saturday with family, friends and cocktails in a city i miss often.

cheers to my sis (who's nyc-bound in less 2 weeks) for her creative collaboration and execution of a fantastically fashionable evening on fayetteville street last night. cheers to my gram for giving me a humorous outlook on most things (and people) that pass my way. cheers to long-leaf pines, sweet tea, krispy kreme doughnuts, poole's mac & cheese, biscuits and...home.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

a walk down memory lane

i can't remember my first memory. not because i can't recall many things that happened from my childhood moments, but simply because i can't recall which of these moments i...remembered first. i don't know who i got my memory from, but it's sharp. i can remember things from conversations that took place months, even years, ago. i can remember the weather of certain days in my past, the order of events (significant and not) and i can remember the face of almost every person i've ever met - even if i can't place them at first, i eventually do. names, however, are lost on me.

in all honesty, it's a quality that probably drives my closest confidants insane. but i've always looked at it as a blessing. i take those memories and review those moments often, making a movie of my life so far. i play them to songs, i tag them with matching pictures, i write about them. so that one day if it's in my cards to slowly forget those times, i can read about them. or at least look at the pictures.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

forever my friend

it only takes a few days with some old friends to realize that no matter the life you've built for yourself in a new home, there are some people and places from your old one you just can't get enough of. so went the weekend that e and i shared with some nc friends of ours. the best part about it: we laughed about the past, talked about the present and anticipated the future, knowing that we'd be doing the same thing in the years to come no matter how long the roads were between us. cheers to those kinds of friends.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2L makes me one elle.

today's e's first day of school...again. after making him pose for an awkward back-to-school picture (taken on my bberry for lack of finding my actual camera...) i sat and reminisced about the year to come. the next few months will be filled with assigned reading, law review work and required on-campus collaborations. for all those who said the first year is the hardest/busiest, they hadn't met e. the man will no doubt work hard to become something great. and i'm proud of that. so quick reminders of the friends i have, the ones i haven't yet made, the new work i've begun and the chance to live in-the-moment here in a city i've come to think of fondly, are what i carry with me today.