Saturday, September 12, 2009

a walk down memory lane

i can't remember my first memory. not because i can't recall many things that happened from my childhood moments, but simply because i can't recall which of these moments i...remembered first. i don't know who i got my memory from, but it's sharp. i can remember things from conversations that took place months, even years, ago. i can remember the weather of certain days in my past, the order of events (significant and not) and i can remember the face of almost every person i've ever met - even if i can't place them at first, i eventually do. names, however, are lost on me.

in all honesty, it's a quality that probably drives my closest confidants insane. but i've always looked at it as a blessing. i take those memories and review those moments often, making a movie of my life so far. i play them to songs, i tag them with matching pictures, i write about them. so that one day if it's in my cards to slowly forget those times, i can read about them. or at least look at the pictures.

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