Tuesday, May 14, 2013

angels among us

i saw this on facebook and since i don't really re-post things on that outlet but wanted to share, i decided to do it here.

i've been praying for a handful of personal things lately but a few weeks ago, when i got some news about my dad that had us all possibly facing the big "C" word again, i dropped all selfish requests and focused on him. after 3 anxious weeks we got good news today about his health and i've never felt more sure of something bigger and better above me than i do now.

i don't focus on religion - more just spirituality - and i rarely ask questions like, "why" or "how" when it comes to down to things being just plain wrong. but i reverted back to some old ways (as in, those of a child) these last few weeks and was downright whining about how unfair this situation was. by no means do i think my moodiness helped turnaround this outcome, as i was raised to know you don't get what you want by pouting. but i do believe my hopes and prayers weren't ignored.

so when i saw this today, there couldn't have been a bigger sign that my thinking about that something bigger and better being out there was not far from the truth.

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