Friday, April 26, 2013


after the marathon tragedy, asked readers what they love most about this city. they received hundreds of responses, but posted a few on their site today. they're fun to look through, some are so simple, some more complex. but all holding a tone of true love for this "large town."

5 years ago i started this blog so i could catalog my time here. i read back on old entries often and think to myself how it's one very long love letter that traces my relationship with boston from meeting, through the first days of courtship to a full-blown love affair. i've recorded our "fights" through hard winter weather and rude encounters, and i've shared our apologies, acted out by the budding spring, trips to the cape, colorful falls and random acts of kindness.

there are so many reasons i love this place and i'm so thankful that i can easily refer back to most of them. but perhaps, more than any of these, i'll love boston most for showing me so many things that i'd never known about myself, this world and others.


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