Tuesday, April 16, 2013

i heart boston.

it's a sad day for boston. the images from the bombings on boylston street are simply horrific.

four years ago i was lucky enough to be a part of this city's internationally-renowned marathon. i'd never experienced excitement and pride like i did that day. watching the faces - of runners, volunteers and event planners - filled with accomplishment, knowing mine must have had a similar look. i spent the morning in the media room, missing out on the finish line celebrations, but in the weeks after the big race, i sifted through photos of runners crossing that famed line, their faces raised to the sky, right along with their arms. it was so moving.

the very next year, i took my friend april down to boylston st. to witness the runners first hand as they rounded that last bend before the final stretch. it was so surreal, watching people from all over the city, country, world...cheer on each and every individual that passed in front of them. it was the perfect display of the goodness of mankind and it restored the bit of lost faith in humanity that inevitably comes from living in a city.

there are plenty of images from yesterday of faces raised to the sky and tears in eyes, but, for the first time in 100+ years, they are just too much to bear. my thoughts and prayers are with the individuals and families impacted by yesterday's tragedy. and my heart goes out to boston, the great city that took this southern girl in five years ago, became my home and forever changed my perspective.

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