Tuesday, August 19, 2008

oh my sweet carolina

boston has been great. eric and i went to a sox game, a great dinner in chinatown and we're doing a bit more exploring in cambridge tonight. our place is coming together nicely and the days have been quite beautiful lately.

but, as i sit here at work, james taylor's "carolina in my mind" plays over my yahoo IM. and i can't help but tear up. missing that place and those people. the song, always loved it, has a whole new meaning now as i'm miles away.

actually a funny fact - this song was eric's and my first dance. he'll deny it, but it's true. at napper tandy's (don't judge) that night we first kissed. we closed the bar down slow dancing in the middle of an empty dance floor. we both ended up singing - kind of loud actually because we were dancing near the speakers... and i NEVER sing until like, a year plus into a relationship. that will give you an idea about the number of drinks i had probably consumed. but yep, carolina in my mind. and in my heart.

i'll start carrying around my camera to document more things. a picture at the chinatown arch last night and the rmv getting my mass license this morning would've been perfect to add for your viewing.

i'm still getting used to my new home and adjusting to the idea that this vacation is indeed three years or longer. in time. until then (and always, actually), "love is the finest thing around."

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