Tuesday, August 12, 2008

breaking new ground

thanks to my beautiful, oh-so-kind friend miss susannah cox, livin' it up in the atl, i found a quite interesting link on her blog. she pointed me to the Dewey Color System which had me interested in finding out what, "was so fab about myself." because i did not indulge and pay a few dollar bills to find out more, i came away with this tid-bit of info:

you're a pioneer
You think about why people do what they do. By understanding the motivation of others, you seek to create a better world. Changing the world around you through personal achievements is your everyday challenge.

i'll take it! i'm liking some change and i'm lovin' some challenge.

it made me think about what motivates me personally. sometimes it's the weather (hel-lo swimsuit season), sometimes it's to impress myself (i can do a headstand in yoga/300 squats in the middle of my hour-long cardio kickboxing class/run a 5k in 30-something minutes...not all at once mind you, or on the same day. but that could be a cool goal...), or my beau (take that harvard).

but no matter what, i try not to let it be money, fear, hate. how about you?

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