Monday, August 25, 2008

the scent of a woman

eric and i went around this weekend exploring parts of our neighborhood. we had a great time going in and out of some shops, grabbing some beers and genuinely enjoying the nice day and people on the street.

we passed by this beauty store - i was thinking: "grrreat! a luxe right around the corner!" i mainly stopped because i saw they had creed perfume and thought they may have bond no. 9. but no. they didn't. just creed. so i smelled 'love in white.' the scent alli sometimes wears.

i got a little nostalgic as it took me back to christmas 2005. alli had just gotten the scent and wore it often. mostly while she oh-so-nicely shared her bond scent with me until i found my own. it reminded me of getting ready for my first dates with eric at her house, or getting ready to go out and meet a group of people in raleigh, way back, before i even finished school. it got a little dusty in that shop...then i got mad. and realized that alli and the scent took me back to all these memories, which ultimately landed me where i am now. away. :)

kidding. bottom line, the store is not a luxe.

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