Thursday, May 7, 2009

please come to boston for the springtime

when i first announced to my parents that eric and i were heading up north, my dad recited this to me. it's just one line in one stanza of one (very sad) song, but it's stuck in my head over and over. and now, as i walk around cambridge and even the city, more than ever.

this being my first spring here i'm seriously taken back by all the color. it's not just green anymore, it's pink, purple, yellow...gorgeous. it's fragrant. it's bright. it's breathtaking. this has been my "longest" spring by far - my trips to nc in early april jump-started the season while it was still bare here. but now, every tree, every flower, every thing is in bloom.

i'm walking down the sidewalk and freesia hits my face. not that i care. i'm thrown off course on my commute to stare at tulips and try to decide which color is the best: hmmm...i love hot pink, so that one's my favorite. no, no, that purple is so vibrant. that red with feathered tips? yep. it's like that. and i want to be out in every second of it.

so, i find myself thinking of this line and wanting to tell my friends, my family, pretty much everyone, to please come to boston for the springtime.

see for yourself below.

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ab said...

Gorgeous! Will a summer visit do?