Monday, June 22, 2009

it's island time!

ten days in paradise wasn't enough - but it was just what we needed. i don't think i can remember the last time eric and i had nothing to do but hang out and pass time with each other. it was grand. we adopted an "island time" frame of mind and enjoyed cocktails, snorkeling, cooking and laying in the sun - all day, every day - staring out at the most beautiful beaches. (well done, fletcher, re: honeymoon destination).

despite my attempts to beg and bribe eric for us not to leave the BVIs, i was forced to trug to the car, bags in hand, and wave to the bright blue waters as we departed from our little bungalow. our little island oasis had become our home. this corner of the world excluded blackberrys, gus, a schedule and bad moods, and it was hard to go. i didn't know what would be waiting for us back in boston, of course it would be nothing different than when we left, but i wasn't ready to return to it.

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