Monday, July 13, 2009

here comes the sun!

for one to survive a new england winter, one is told to think of the new england summer - for it is surely worth the wait. with a winter of record snowfall, this summer followed suit with both record rainfall and cloudiness.

but finally, FINALLY, we have some sun. for the fifth day in a row i have every window in the house open letting the light (and the 65-degree breeze) in. it's a day that if it were august, i'd go ahead and wish it were fall - i do love fall fashion - but i have to take advantage of these few weeks where i can actually wear some of the summer favorites i've had in my mind all those winter months. floral dresses, shorts, wedges, white jeans, my romper...

i love a rainy day, but only because there's promise of sun on the other side. and there's nothing like a sunny day (or stretch of days) to help mark a new beginning. i plan to bask in this sunlight all day, inside and out, while singing one of george harrison's finest contributions.

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sjc said...

I paused my Pandora to listen to your inspiration. Thank you! What a wonderful read of your happiness. Your happiness directly determines mine. xox