Friday, July 17, 2009


i remember exactly the first time i heard cat power. it was at a late-night party, back in wilmington. i was graduating in just a few weeks and song after song of beautiful music filled the kitchen. i touched the ipod to make it light up so i could read the name that this heart-stopping voice belonged to. then and there began my obsession with chan marshall and cat power's album, the greatest. (it doesn't hurt she's uber chic - her bangs, black wardrobe and marlboro-infused voice just amplify the bad-ass appeal).

i took this album with me across the pond to russia and london that summer. falling asleep many nights listening to her soothing voice and letting the lyrics personally touch my soul. i finally saw her perform this album that following october and was not disappointed.

today, more than three years later, i finally purchased the greatest on vinyl. marshall's voice was made for it. i can listen to this anytime and it mellows me. takes me back to the spring of '06 and my life before it became what it is today. back when i 'lived in bars,' needed 'living proof' and was asking myself, 'where is my love.'

there are other cat power albums and each is good. but this one, this one is the greatest.

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