Monday, December 5, 2011

christmas, christmas time is here.

and i'm SO excited! it's been a whirlwind of a month. while the number of holiday parties we attended actually went down, we seemed to stay just as busy and celebrate the season just as hard (like there's any other way we'd do it...). kicking off the whole fiasco the day after thanksgiving, we picked out (and cut down) our very own tree. with a fir this beautiful we HAD to have a party to show it we hosted the old fashioned tree trimming kind and acquired a solid number of amazing ornaments from our friends while we rocked it around the christmas tree. over the next couple of weeks our group celebrated three birthdays and one amazing wedding. and now, on a late dec. 22, we're packed and ready to head to NC to wrap up this holiday season with our families and a bang.

when i moved to MA, for the first couple of years i felt that my christmas didn't officially start until i touched down in carolina. but now i find the moment the wheels hit that NC pavement, the culmination of all the holiday fun that actually begins well before plane tickets are even bought. and i think to myself how this place i live in and these people i'm surrounded by, have truly become a home. my how far we've come.

this weekend i plan to cruise around the sleepy streets of southern pines and take in as many lights as possible. i also plan to ingest an absurd amount of eggnog, red velvet cake, sparkling cookies and champagne, and sing mariah carey one too many times (i maaaay have already done that one...) all the while collecting long, snug hugs from my family and friends. and i suggest you do the same.

happy holidays!

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