Tuesday, April 5, 2011

slipping into spring.

today i have a little spring in my step. while it's not particularly sunny outside (ok...it's down-right grey) it's plenty warmer than our last few days and there's a fierce wind blowing. while i like to think it's sending away the last signs of winter, i also can't help but feel it stirring up something inside of me.

call it an impatience for the final push into warmer weather.
or maybe a little excitement for all the fun that's to come over the next few months.
or maybe, just maybe, it's a little nostalgia.

exactly one month from today, e will finish up with law school. and i am yet again asking a question i ask almost every post on this blog: where oh where has the time gone? as i sit and think about this (almost daily) i once again must remind myself that it feels like it's flown so fast because we've done such a great job at focusing on the now. with all the things to think about in the future...where will we go, how will we get there and what will we do when we arrive...isn't it just great to look back?

and to be honest, looking back on my two previous springs in new england is exactly what excites me to look forward. while i know in my mind that there will be many more shall we say, brisk, temps ahead, i know in my heart those days will be behind me before i can even blink.
so, despite this grey, drizzly, windy day, i choose to bask in its warmth.

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