Thursday, April 28, 2011

carolina girl.

when i'm feeling a little emotional or just need a good catharsis, sometimes the mere mention of Carolina can bring a tear to my eye. i love that state, and although i don't quite yearn for it like i used to when i first moved, the spot in my heart for it is still very much soft. super-soft.

the Old North State keeps attracting lovers and if you've ever been - even just passed through - then it's no big secret why. beautiful beaches, rolling hills, the great smoky mountains and tea almost as sweet as the accents are just a short list of things that make NC a top candidate not only for a vacation, but a permanent stop.

i don't know if it's in my cards to live in Carolina again, but regardless of that, it'll always be my home, as in where my heart is, and therefore, a bit of my soul too.

for you: a few lines from some of my favorites that praise the Tarheel Territory almost as much as i do.
And for North Carolina: know you are always in my mind.
tennessee's a brother to my sister, carolina, where they're gonna bury me. i ain't ready to go, i'm never ready to go.
let it ride, let it ride easy down the road. let it ride, let it take away all of this darkness.
let it ride, let it rock me in the arms of strangers, angels, until it brings me home.
let it ride, let it roll, let it go.
ryan adams

woke up in another lifetime, it's a shame it's just not right now.
dreamin' of the coast of carolina, dreamin' of the way that you would smile.

i leave today, i'm packing light, a suitcase + toiletries. the rolling hills, the willow trees of carolina wait for me....all the way, the entire state, of carolina waits for me.
ben gibbard

oh my sweet carolina, may you one day carry me home.
ryan adams

and ain't it just like a friend of mine, to hit me from behind, i'm gone to carolina in my mind.
james taylor

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you are very sweet kbf x