Monday, September 8, 2008

shoes vs. sox

despite the insane amount of t-shirts, hats, foam fingers, etc. that display the infamous red sox logo, it has been my observation that the city of boston does not actually wear socks. from what i have seen, this is a flip-flop city. i'm certainly not talking about boston's loyalty to their beloved baseball team, or to the democratic party, but to shoes.

i'm still not quite used to asking eric what pair of flops looks best with my jbrands or dvf dress and i have to say, i hope i never am. because that would mean that i have joined the city in its clear under-appreciation for the heel.

i get it. we walk. we have to walk 10 minutes just to get to the T, another 3-5 minutes up and down some stairs to get on the T, and then no telling how long once you get off the T. and for me, it's not about walking in my heels and hurting my feet (my feet gave up on being comfortable and beautiful a long time ago) it's about hurting my shoes. but mostly it is the internal pain i feel because i can't regularly put on that shiny pair of red heels, or those perfect, black, go-with-everything pumps.

i welcomed the hurricane rains on saturday when we went to see my morning jacket, and i slipped on my red hunter wellies. it was the perfect occasion to break them in was the perfect show. eric and i had so much fun singing and dancing, and thanks to his cousin we had some killer seats.

ryan adams rocked it out last night and kept us dancing and singing some of our favorites. the man couldn't describe love, loss, loneliness better. he also has written some pretty amazing words about love. singing with eric, "it takes two where it used to take one" couldn't have made me happier, as i realized that line was beautiful and had become so apparently true in my life.

overall, great music weekend on the bay in boston. the next few weekends friends and family will be visiting and i'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and asking them to "come pick me up, take me out."


Anonymous said...

"It Takes Two" is one of my most fav songs ever. People wear heels with their bathing suits here.

ab said...

do NOT trade your heels for bjorns. like you would.