Friday, September 5, 2008

the first of many

this week, although a short one (thank you labor day), was a long one. eric began school and his nights have been filled with reading. if this is any preview to the next three years then i better get my booty acquainted with boston...and quick.

while my commute to work and back keeps me occupied, looking at the skyline, peeping into windows of shops, and wandering the streets watching people and noting their style, i have yet to delve into the true boston scene - minus a few great places for food.

however, this weekend eric and i are off to the bank of america pavilion to see mmj on saturday and ryan adams on sunday. we're also exploring a little of central square for a new scene to partake in an old pastime.

we've been running in the late afternoons and it's fantastic here. just a few blocks away you hit the river and along all the back roads of each neighborhood there are constant streams of little shops, bakeries and restaurants. too cute.

i know the winter will be harsh, but i have to say, i'm ready for fall.

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