Monday, September 15, 2008

for some much needed r&r eric and i headed to the cape on saturday. we topped off the fun-filled night with...passing out at 10. i guess the city (and school) has really been taking it out of us. but we returned home reminded that the cape and most importantly, each other is always there - which, during the week, can get a little blurred between all the passing cars, fast-paced walkers and too-cool cambridge natives.

i'm knee-deep in work, knee-deep in wedding planning and ankle-deep in loneliness. wouldn't all this stuff be more fun with a few giggling girlfriends around? i just have to wonder that picking out flowers, ceremony details and researching fun guest goodie bags wouldn't be so tedious. but, maybe i'm wrong. i also have to think that i wouldn't have so much time to change my mind about things like what i'm wearing/carrying/eating/etc. that day.

i'm also craving some mac & cheese from poole's diner (which i think is making me a little crazy). if you don't know the place or the dish, check it - quick.

eric's buddy george is coming into town this weekend - should be fun. and alli is coming in the following weekend. i can not WAIT to have her to pal around with. miss that face.

on a lighter note, my crazy cat has calmed (and quieted) down a bit.

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