Wednesday, December 17, 2014

if the fate's allowed.

the holiday season has once again snuck up on me and due to the craziness that has become my life, i'm not only low on energy, but also spirit. we head home to nc on the 22nd and i'm looking forward to a few extra sets of hands to keep sam occupied while i curl up in front of two familiar trees, and rest my body and mind.

as the season unfolds, it's hard for me to ignore the changes that will be present. our holiday table will noticeably be two people short, and i don't think any of us will be able to find the right words or condolences for the losses we've suffered this year. of course we will be adding sam, who brings an exorbitant amount of joy to all of us. but with him being the age he is, there's also a ton of work to be done which means a lot less relaxing (and therefore reflecting) for me.

on a professional note, i'll be leaving the company i've been with for the last three years at the end of the month. what started out as a job that i so desperately needed has become so much more. of course the work had some great moments, but it was the people that kept me going each day. and i had the honor of being surrounded by some of the best i've met while living up here. these few i've shared my days in and out with don't just know me. they know my family, my home, songs that i like, phrases i often say and other friends i have. they receive my holiday card and with them i've shared past experiences and even some secrets. it's going to be hard to leave our day-to-day routine that has made us all more than just co-workers, it's made us good friends.

unavoidably, time removes us from people and places. and time removes people and places from us. it's simply a thing that as i get older, i become more aware of, but find it harder and harder to accept. but i also know that the wonderful moments we were lucky to share together in the first place, will keep us coming back through the years (even if it's just in our minds) for the super-sweet reunions.

my work husband
the one and only e.cox

miss jillikate

an unforgettable day in portland with l.bell

 super-team lisa 
(in more ways than one)

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