Monday, June 14, 2010

a talk of two cities.

my how the time has flown! here's a run-down of what's YOU'VE missed:
a quick cheers for the end of 2L, a (not-so-quick) FANTASTIC two-week trip to costa rica followed by a (two-tear) goodbye to e as he flew down to DC to begin his summer internship. all this punctuated by a one year anniversary celebration - whew!

two lonely weeks in cambridge later, i made my way to DC over the weekend to visit my hubby and check out a city that may very well be our future home. between catch up with good friends, making new ones, bites of delicious food (including ripe tomatoes), and swigs of some fine brew and sweet tea, i took in the sweltering southern temps as well as the lively surroundings in each neighborhood we visited. all the while thinking to myself, "what if i had to start over, and what if it was here, could i do it."

of course the answer is yes. the answer to that question, no matter the place, will always be yes. with e (and gus) by my side, i can start over anywhere. but it's a thought i won't let stay in my head for long.

i prefer not to acknowledge the fact that i may very well be staring down the barrel of our last year here in cambridge. i would much rather spend my time here + now enjoying backyard bbq's, long days and summer temps with our beantown buddies.

i'll spend these months trying to have just as much fun (and more) this summer as we did last. i'll enjoy the fact that the boston skyline makes me smile, my neighborhood feels like home and the hydrangea are starting to rapidly bloom along each street. i'll get ready for a best friend's wedding, a week at the beach with my family + e's return to our little apt for the second half of summer.

and i'll save my "what-ifs" for a rainy winter day.

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