Saturday, March 14, 2009

saturday morning tunes

an old friend in wilmington introduced me to ryan adams. he gave me the album, gold. i fell instantly - for his lyrics, his voice (ryan's - not my friend's...). another old friend taught me to appreciate vinyl albums. he taught me that all good music should be listened to on vinyl and most importantly, that the package that albums came in told a story that was just as amazing as the songs. "cd's," he said, "just aren't the same. look at this art!" he then shoved a led zeppelin album into my hands.

i opened up the ryan adams cardinology album that e got me for christmas for the first time this morning. i literally gasped as i pulled a translucent red record out of the grey and white packaging. i called eric's name - then remembered he was sleeping...

then i instantly remembered these two friends previously mentioned. i looked over the cover. so drab, busy with confusing lines that mimic images of fire and fear. on the back, a dark city with people hovered, afraid of a massive cloud rising up...everyone except a couple kissing in the back with a simple tiny heart floating above their heads. these album-cover-lovers have figured it out. in their dark, scary world, they managed to find each other. out of the darkness they are a light.

well done ryan.

check it out:

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