Sunday, January 25, 2009

sing from the branches of sweet gum trees

last weekend eric and i gathered a few friends and went to the middle east to see a favorite hometown band of ours: the rosebuds. once introduced a few years ago, if we were in town in nc when these guys played, we were there. thank you sister for the tip on good music.

it's hard to choose a favorite song, just when you think you have one, they put out a new album with even better creations. back to boston, a family fave that's now symbolic of our life here, has become somewhat of a theme song and regular saying between e, alli and myself. however, listening to the rosebuds last week as they played get up, get out, what caught my thoughts wasn't just the danceable beat or the call to action that the lyrics demand, for people to get up and get out - whatever that may mean to you, it was this line: "sing from the branches of sweet gum trees."

enter grandma beale and walks in danville's ballou park with her and sister. back when i had soft blond curls. back when i had to hold not one, but two, hands to cross the street - my grandmother's and alli's. back when we used to pick up the gum balls that had dropped from the branches of the sweet gum trees that made up the park. branches we used to sing under with grandma beale.

and i thank them for that memory.

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ab said...

What a precious memory - Sweet Gum Ridge!!