Sunday, January 4, 2009

dear 2009

first of all, welcome! now let's get down to business...

i will:
volunteer more
listen more
clean out my (and eric's) closets and donate unneeded things
be more patient
run another 5k (a gal has to start small)
help build a home
read up more on current events
throw more parties (i love seeing my friends have a great time)
GET MARRIED! (ok, not a resolution...but it is happening!)

i love a new year. and this year, being kicked off perfectly at msg in nyc, i have a feeling it's going to be great! i used to think new years were a chance to start over. but i've found, at least personally, they are a chance to add on. what will you do this year? where will you go? on december 31, how will you look back...and forward?

talking with a friend, she informed she had made a list of goals - not resolutions that she wanted to accomplish in her life then specifically this year. they weren't all necessarily end goals, some were steps that would hopefully get her closer to those things she wants to do and places she wants to be in 30 years. i smiled. i was glad i'd met this friend with my move to boston. it reminded me that good people - smart, caring, fun and motivated - are all over. it also presented me with my own challenge. i find it hard to plan way in advance as i am a fan of the present moment. however, i can make a list of serious and silly things that i'd like to see this gal check off throughout the year.

maybe it's finally getting rid of that pair of boots i just can't fit but that i keep sitting by the door because they look so dang cool, or maybe it's getting involved with tutoring kids or getting back to church. whatever it may be, i resolve to be the best i can be in 09 and offer that goodness to the people and places around me.

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Bubba said...

Go girl. You're the best "Bear" ever.