Monday, July 28, 2008

time flies...

wow, it has been so so SO long since i last wrote. and i'm a slacker for it. the whole point was to document some pretty cool stuff that was going to be happening and...i've totally lagged. BUT, eric and i are about to embark on our big move to boston in about six days. let me fill you in quickly:

- we went up to cambridge mid-june and after a long day of appointments that eric had so strategically booked, we found a fantastic place to live.

- we then went out to the cape after a few days in cambridge where eric proposed. i said yes :)

- we came back to days and nights filled with family and friends who we didn't want to say good-bye to, but knew we needed to enjoy the quality time.

- we've made a few key plans for the wedding...including booking the ceremony and reception sites at emerald isle; taking engagement pictures (thanks to rebecca); we're booking a band this week and i even found a dress already.

- now...if we can only pack.

i promise to be better at writing, as i hope to document especially the first few months in boston and even a bit of wedding planning along the way. this time has passed all too quickly. i don't think my heart yet knows how pulling out of my apt next sunday is going to feel. but, i'm super-excited (OK, and nervous) about what eric and i are about to experience. and the best part is we get to do it together.

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sjc said...

I love you in that white dress. What a gorgeous, love-filled set. Can't wait to see more. So glad to find you here. I love reading you.