Tuesday, March 11, 2014

there was a dream...

and one day i could see it.
minutes after i found out i was pregnant: (3-4 weeks)

33 weeks preggo

those lines up top are from an avett brothers song and i just love them. although e and i didn't get serious about starting a family until last year, being pregnant and becoming a mom was something i naturally always thought/wondered about. how i'd look and feel and dress. as we began to give the thing a real go, starting this chapter was something i dreamed about - day and night - constantly.

now i see this little bean inside me (and very clearly at that!) and it's glorious. we're six weeks out (give or take) from meeting the one that's been kickin' around in my belly for quite some time. in a way, those six weeks still seem far off, but in others, the life-changing meeting seems like it's tomorrow.

as the big day draws closer, i'm finding myself short on sleep and long on a to-do list. but my mind wanders off, thinking of the past. stages of my life flash before me at the oddest times creating an amazing montage that reminds me where i've been, who i've been and people i've met. i think about the future a bit - where i will go, who i will become and who i will meet. it's bittersweet and beautiful, and unlike any thing i've experienced before.

e and i are enjoying these last few weeks/weekends to ourselves and each other before we officially get a new roommate. we're taking bets on who's nose it will have and calculating its chance of being a redhead, and we're of course wondering the big q: when it's all said and done, will we have a son or daughter.

out of all our adventures since we left home, this will for sure be the biggest and bring the most joy. above all, it will undoubtedly change my perspective forever.

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