Friday, November 1, 2013

it takes three to make a thang go right.

man oh man i found this quote at the perfect time. after 8 years of being together 5.5 years in MA and 4.5 years of marriage, e and i are excited to be expecting our first bebe. we're excited and we're scared. like terrified.

over the last few months i've posted some thoughts and quotes about the route of life in general, taking chances and having a little faith. some of these i posted when i hoping to get pregnant, others i posted after i found out and was waiting, hoping, praying that all would go well in those first few weeks. but perhaps it's this write up that i think sums up my and e's feelings about our decision to do this thing.

i'm not saying we're great (although, i kinda think we ain't bad) but i'm saying that in order to BE great, to even approach that path, you gotta do somethings you're completely and utterly petrified of. for me and e, after moving away from home and leaving our family and friends, making the decision to stay away from home, and traveling to some cool places where we went on some questionable hikes, jumped off steep cliffs and snorkeled with barracudas, the next most-scary thing we could think of was switching it all up completely and making room for a third little beale-fletcher. there were many talks including phrases like "what if..." "but how do we..." and "will we still..." but ultimately e and i just knew what we wanted with each other and while we have NO IDEA what it will bring, we're pretty positive we'll find a really amazing piece of ourselves and our relationship on the other side that we didn't know existed. and that's what i'm pretty pumped about.

because i have been there before. i have done things i never knew i could, been places i never thought i'd go, seen things i never dreamed of seeing and because of all that, i've found pieces of myself that have helped me become a woman even bigger than i ever could have prayed to become.

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