Tuesday, June 18, 2013

arriving right in time.

so so true. i recently was talking to a friend about how sometimes i reflect back where i was and am really amazed at where i've ended up. many moons ago, there was a time this gal never dreamed of being a wife or living in boston or even working a steady 9 to 5. call it being young or, let's be real, stubborn...but i just couldn't fathom certain levels (OK, any level) of organized consistency in my life. i never would've paired myself with a harvard lawyer, waiting out the snow-filled new england winters only to enjoy long summer days on the cape or north shore (on our time off from the firms, of course!).

i was kinda obsessed with not having any direction so i could be open to it all. oh, young, crazy me (although, i think i've done good!). then, after meeting e, i kinda became obsessed about having a plan. i wanted to create a timeline for my life. (i found out quickly that's the biggest joke of all).

this recent move has had me reeling. have we over-stayed our time in boston? should we have bought a place? did we make the right decision about "this" and do the right thing about "that?" basically, i've been asking myself, "What are we DOING?!?" sometimes i feel that because e and i are certain ages or have been together a certain amount of time, there are certain things that we should be doing - or have done already. so i feel in some ways i'm back here again, wondering where we are going and wanting to find an answer.

this is a nice reminder that no one really knows. maybe there's a general direction, but the location or timing is never disclosed until, well, you arrive. so thanks to mr. watterson, i'm telling myself to continue taking it all in, in stride and right in time.

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