Thursday, March 7, 2013

right in time.

e and i have been talking about a lot of different things lately. family, home, work. we always do this, but there's more seriousness in our conversations now, with our realization that we are where we are in life and our want to begin to get where we'd like to go. it's scary.

maybe that doesn't make sense to anyone else reading this. and it doesn't make sense to me either most of the time. but something e keeps saying is that we just have to jump off a cliff and as long as we do that together, that's what it's about. he keeps telling me we have to take a leap of faith. i found this little wisdom gem today on another blog. i call it a subtle sign that some how, some way, in the midst of all my confusion, even though i can't see clearly at times,  i'm still on the right path. and i needed that.

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Unknown said...

And no matter when you jump or where you land, know it'll always work out. Just look back on this blog if you ever need proof! xo, AC