Monday, January 3, 2011

beginning, again.

for the new years that e + i have been together, we've had this tradition on december 31. we'll write a list of all our highlights from the past year + then we'll write a list of our resolutions for the year to come. the highlights part is especially fun, as you'll be amazed at how many things you tend to remember once you get going (e.g. that really tasty meal you had at that road stand on the cape, or the ultra-long card game you played that one rainy day...) and you can imagine that over the years, it's been quite cool to look back on our memories and resolutions.

this year, over a bottle of wine + a croque madame, we noted that we've been very good about our resolutions of the past, which made us excited to create new ones for 2011. however, i couldn't help but notice as we tapped the pen to our thoughts, the list of resolutions this year was shorter than previous. and i thought, (while our highlights portion grew from page, to page, to page) do the number of ways we vow to better ourselves with each passing year decrease as, well...each year passes?

i seem to always write a slew of words that inspire me to get up, get out + get something immediately out of the brand new year's arrival. after all, it is a refreshing, clean slate that you can do anything with if you choose. my sister put it best when she said, "for the rest of the year, there is no 12:01 like this one." and i agree. it is an end + a beginning all at once and i find excitement in that fact.

last year i made a commitment to stop thinking by way of, "new year, new you," simply because i like myself just fine + therefore only wanted to change a few things. and not to toot my own horn but, i once again did an admirable job sticking to my resolutions (tooot, toooo!). so i'm at it again this year - new year, same me (with more minor improvements!).

on the list for 2011, i resolve to:
  • FINALLY get some wedding pictures up around the apt. it's been almost 2 years...
  • lose the road rage.
  • visit + experience (food, sights, sounds) at least three new cities.
  • give my daily uniform (skinny jeans, v-neck shirt + cardigan, with boots) a rest at least twice a week. (side note: this will be a toughie. i mean, really hard. if you know me, you're probably asking what on this green earth will i wear...i'll keep you updated).
  • slow down my schedule...just a teeny bit, to enjoy more "me" time.
  • volunteer. it's about time i put this resolution (and some hours on my free weekends) to good use.
  • be OK if one or none of these work. after all, in the first few days of a new year, how am i to know who i'll be, what i'll do, or where i'll go, for the next 11 months! ;)
happy new year to you + yours - cheers to making it the best one yet!

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marysia reeves said...

Love it Kelli! Happy new year sweet lady! Hope that new city can be Charleston!